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Stair Tread Nonslip Tape – Make Your Slippery Surfaces Safe to Walk On

November 06, 2020

Stair Tread Nonslip Tape – Make Your Slippery Surfaces Safe to Walk On

I remember the day when I and my husband built our house around 7 years ago, how we felt happy and proud of our 2-story house in Denver and how we selected each and every element of our house carefully.

Stair Tread Nonslip Tape

Yes, I am still proud of our house, but some months back I got concerned because my 5-year old (who has just started taking big steps) who was trying to climb down the stairs slipped and got hurt. Fortunately, it was not a major injury; but it was an eye-opener for me, because even I was about to get slipped on those stairs and even in our bathroom.

The fact is that after years of use, some surfaces in our house have got frictionless and thus slippery. But guess what – I have found a great solution. It’s Trendix Stair Tread Nonslip Tape!

Stair Tread Nonslip Tape

What is Trendix Stair Tread Nonslip Tape?

Well, this is a tape which you can apply wherever you think that the surface is slippery. They are versatile enough to be used on carpets, terraces, decks, ladders, plastic, shower, bathtub, concrete, metal, garages, ramps, boats, laminates, mats, shoe grips, rackets, skateboard grips, walkways, trucks, buses, scooters and scaffolding, and wherever you think there is a risk of slipping.

I first applied them to our stairs, bathroom tiles and the small walkway in our garden which has become frictionless. So, now my son can run and jump over this walkway to his heart’s content and I feel carefree about him as well as his 3-year old sister who’ll use the walkway in the same way within a few years. It’s wonderful to have this product because it’s not damaged even a bit during the rain and while we water our garden.


What I love the most about Trendix Stair Tread Nonslip Tape is that it’s safe for my children. It’s also safe for senior family members and pets if you have them in your family because the tape is totally free from PVC and chlorine. It’s made from 100% premium PEVA material.

Stair Tread Nonslip Tape


I can easily clean this tape. And even after removing it, my surface remains undamaged and unstained, as if it’s installed just then.

Stair Tread Nonslip Tape

What about the Décor?

Trendix Stair Tread Nonslip Tape hasn’t changed the looks of my home because it’s the most transparent tape in the market.

Easy to Use

Stair Tread Nonslip tape can be applied and removed very easily.

I recommend you to get this wonderful product installed in your home and make your slippery surfaces safe.

by Donna Williams



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