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Fashion Tape Double Sided

    • Secure & Stylish Wardrobe Essentials: Elevate your fashion game with our Double-Sided Fashion Tape, the ultimate solution for wardrobe malfunctions and ensuring a seamless, stylish look. Perfect for securing plunging necklines, strapless dresses, and more, this fashion tape is a must-have for every style-conscious individual.
    • Strong Adhesive for Lasting Hold: Our Fashion Tape is engineered with a powerful adhesive to keep your clothing perfectly in place all day and night. Ideal for any occasion, from casual outings to glamorous events, trust in a fashion tape that offers a durable hold without compromising on comfort.
    • Quick & Easy Fashion Fixes: Beyond just keeping clothes in place, our versatile Fashion Tape doubles as Hemming Tape for instant, no-sew alterations. Achieve the perfect hemline or adjust your outfit on the go with ease, making it a staple in your fashion emergency kit.
    • Discover Celebrity Styling Tricks: Unlock the secrets to flawless styling with tips inspired by Kardashian Hollywood hacks. Use our Fashion Tape not just for attire but also for achieving pristine makeup lines with our Hypoallergenic Beauty Tape, securing accessories, and more, to elevate your look like a celebrity.
    • Gentle on Skin, Hypoallergenic Tape: Designed with sensitive skin in mind, our Women's Double-Sided Tape is hypoallergenic, ensuring no irritation. It's the ideal choice for maintaining perfect makeup lines and outfit adjustments, offering peace of mind alongside impeccable style.

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    Beauty Essential

    Medical-Grade Adhesive

    Safe, Strong Hold for Delicate Fabrics


    Gentle on Skin 

    Secure & Worry-Free Wear

    Versatile for Various Fashion Needs

    Meet Every Outfit's Ally for Any Style, Anytime

    Easy to Apply and Remove

    Easy, Versatile Tape for Every Fashion Fix


    People feel reassured by the gentle, skin-friendly support that lasts all day


    People feel liberated, knowing their wardrobe choices are limitless and secure


    People feel comfortable wearing it all day long 


    People feel a newfound sense of style freedom, embracing every outfit opportunity

    Instant Hemming Tape

    • No-Sew Convenience: Instantly adjust hemlines without the need for sewing, saving time and hassle.
    • Flexible Fashion: Easily adapt the length of pants, skirts, or dresses on-the-go for any occasion.
    • Durable Hold: Provides a strong, reliable grip that withstands movement, keeping hems in place all day.

    Hollywood Hacks

    • Wardrobe Malfunction Prevention: Securely holds clothing in place, eliminating worries about slips or gaps.
    • Seamless Style: Provides an invisible hold for a sleek, polished appearance in any outfit.
    • All-Day Comfort: Gentle on the skin and strong enough to last all day, ensuring you look and feel your best.

    Fashion Tape

    for Her

    • Strap Security: Keeps dress and blouse straps securely in place, preventing slips for a flawless look.
    • Neckline Control: Ensures plunging necklines stay exactly where intended, offering confidence with every outfit.
    • Invisible Hemming: Offers a quick, no-sew solution for adjusting hemlines on skirts and dresses, maintaining the perfect length.

    Double Sided Tape 

    for Him

    • Secure Collar Stays: Ideal for keeping shirt collars sharp and in place for a polished look.
    • Tie Fixer: Effortlessly keeps ties neatly aligned with shirts, ensuring a professional appearance all day.
    • Fashion Flexibility: Enables quick adjustments to hemlines or sleeve lengths, perfect for on-the-go wardrobe tweaks.

    Dress Tape 

    • Challenging to Peel: Struggling with the backing on regular tape can lead to uneven application and wasted product.
    • Time-Consuming: Every minute spent fighting with tape is a minute not spent perfecting your look.
    • Visible Mishaps: Bulky tapes can peek through fabrics, and sticky residues can mar your garments, undermining your style.

    Clothing Tape 

    • Double-Sided Fashion Tape Roll: A single roll of high-quality, double-sided fashion tape designed for multiple uses, from securing clothing to instant hemming. The tape is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, ensuring comfort and reliability.
    • 2 Refill Rolls: 2 more refill rolls of the double-sided fashion tape, ensuring you have enough supply for all your fashion needs.
    • specifications

    Adhesive Type

    Medical-grade, skin-friendly adhesive


    Clear Transparent, ensuring invisibility under clothing


    0.6 inches in width and 10 feet in length

    Quality Assurance

    Carefully tested for optimal grip, peel adhesion, tensile strength, and flexibility, ensuring reliability and durability


    Comes with 

    1 roll equipped with a dispenser for ease of use, plus 2 refill rolls, totaling 3 rolls for extended use.


    Lightweight at 5 Grams


    4" Length x 2" Width x 3" Height

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 151 reviews
    Aria Jackson

    If the tape was as revolutionary as claimed, it would surely have made my ensemble theft-proof. It did not deliver.

    Aubrey Scott

    Said it would be my little secret for perfect outfits, but it was too little to handle my larger-than-life style aspirations.

    Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Used this at a wedding expecting to upstage the bride. It turns out that's frowned upon and the tape didn't warn me.

    Addison Wright

    A fashion tape that doesn't come with a stylist to apply it is like a car without wheels. Incomplete and underwhelming.

    Skylar Evans

    Designed to hold my world together, but the world remained stubbornly indifferent to my perfectly taped ensemble.