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Boob Tape - Invisible Lifting Bra


Secure & Invisible Lift

  • Achieve a Flawless Look: With Trendix Boob Tape, enjoy the perfect, invisible lift for any outfit. Ideal for backless dresses, off-shoulder tops, and more, this tape ensures your bust looks its best without visible bra lines. It's the secret behind every seamless outfit, perfect for achieving that backless dress look or invisible bra lift.

Celebrity-Style Contour

  • Emulate Kim Kardashian’s Tape Trick effortlessly with our boob tape. Trendix offers the same sculpted look, empowering you to rock any celebrity-inspired outfit with confidence and ease. Become your own stylist with tricks straight from Hollywood.

Safe & Comfortable Hold

  • Trust in the secure, skin-friendly hold of Trendix Boob Tape. Our medical-grade adhesive is designed for comfort and reliability, ensuring a worry-free experience from day to night without skin irritation. It's the ideal choice for sensitive skin, offering a strong hold without compromise.

Natural Look & Feel

  • Enjoy a natural-looking breast lift that lasts all day with Trendix. Our tape provides a subtle yet impactful enhancement under any garment, ensuring you look and feel great. It's perfect for achieving that desired natural lift effect.

Confidence with Every Curve

  • Trendix Boob Tape not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your self-esteem. Show off your curves and embrace every outfit with newfound confidence. Our tape is suitable for all breast sizes, offering a supportive lift that makes you feel secure and empowered.

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    Beauty Essential

    Medical-Grade Adhesive

    Safe, Strong Hold for Delicate Fabrics


    Gentle on Skin 

    Secure & Worry-Free Wear

    Versatile for Various Fashion Needs

    Meet Every Outfit's Ally for Any Style, Anytime

    Easy to Apply and Remove

    Easy, Versatile Tape for Every Fashion Fix


    People feel reassured by the gentle, skin-friendly support that lasts all day


    People feel liberated, knowing their wardrobe choices are limitless and secure


    People feel comfortable wearing it all day long 


    People feel a newfound sense of style freedom, embracing every outfit opportunity

    Waterproof Durability

    Experience unparalleled confidence with Trendix boob tapes, your ultimate waterproof solution designed to withstand sweat, swimming, and any adventure life throws your way. Perfect for those seeking a secure lift without worrying about the elements.

    Ultimate Lift & Support

    Elevate your look with Trendix boob tapes, expertly crafted to lift and support. Whether you're an A cup or HH, our tapes provide the perfect uplift for a more youthful appearance and enhanced silhouette, embodying the essence of Kim's best-kept secrets for that celebrity-inspired posture.

    Kim's Secrets Revealed

    Discover the secret behind flawless red-carpet looks with Trendix boob tapes, inspired by Kim's go-to fashion hacks. Our tapes offer that coveted lift and contour, making it your secret weapon for achieving a stunning, gravity-defying look.

    Invisible Comfort

    Achieve a seamless and natural look with our invisible boob tape. Trendix tape is meticulously designed to be undetectable under any outfit, ensuring your fashion choices are limitless. Ideal for backless dresses, plunging necklines, and everything in between.

    All Cup Sizes Welcome

    Embrace inclusivity with Trendix, offering a versatile range of boob tapes for all cup sizes from A to HH. Our commitment to catering to every body type ensures everyone finds their perfect fit, providing exceptional support and confidence, no matter your size.

    Long-Lasting Adhesion

    With Trendix, enjoy long-lasting wear up to 12 hours, thanks to our advanced adhesion technology. Our boob tape stays securely in place, offering reliable support throughout the day and night, so you can move freely and confidently without re-adjustments.

    Skin-Friendly Materials

    Prioritizing your comfort and safety, Trendix boob tapes are crafted from skin-friendly materials. Hypoallergenic and gentle, our tapes ensure a comfortable fit, minimizing the risk of irritation, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

    • specifications

    Adhesive Type

    Medical-grade, skin-friendly adhesive


    Nude, White, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Transparent


    95% cotton and 5% elastane


    Waterproof & sweatproof


    Cup Size A ~ HH

    Wear Duration

    Up to 8 Hours


    Easy apply & remove


    • 1 Tape Roll (16 feet, 5 Meter long) 
    • 1 Pair of Nipple Covers (100% Pure Silicone)

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    Customers Say

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 147 reviews
    Monica Geller

    I wanted to love this, but it just didn’t hold up during a mild evening out. Perhaps I applied it wrong, as my friend uses it all the time and has no issues.

    Grace Jackson

    Shockingly, this tape did not grant me the ability to defy age or gravity. Also, it didn’t cook dinner. Highly unrealistic product.

    Angelica Beaumont

    Hoped for a product that would not only secure my garments but also secure my place in high society. Instead, I remain woefully middle class. This tape may suit those with no aspirations beyond physical adherence.

    Felicity Worthington

    Anticipated a transformative experience, a tape that would not only elevate my bust but my entire life's trajectory. It failed to launch my career or improve my social standing. Recommended only for those seeking earthly, physical support.

    Rachel Green

    The adhesive was not as strong as I expected. However, my coworker uses the same tape and it works perfectly for her. Maybe I received a bad batch?