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Period Pouch (Exclusive Worldwide)

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Machine Washability and Anti-Odor Features;  Crafted with Eco-Friendly Materials.

  • Essential for long days at work or school, Trendix period panties require thoughtful consideration for changing and storing worn panties outside the home.  
  • Ensure a consistent fresh and dry feeling, particularly during the heaviest part of your period, for optimal comfort throughout the day.
  • Overcome the challenge of discreetly storing worn panties by utilizing this inconspicuous pouch. Unlike competitors that limit options to disposable plastic zip bags, Trendix distinguishes itself with an eco-friendly pouch.
  • Crafted from 100% premium EVA double layers, this pouch not only ensures discretion but also embodies Trendix's commitment to sustainability.
  • The pouch serves as a practical solution, safeguarding against unpleasant odors and allowing for easy machine washing along with your panties.