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Trendix Ambassador

Become an ambassador and receive commission when your followers shop through your unique Trendix Link


What we offer: 

  • 30Day Cookie duration
  • 10% commission on every sale 
  • 10% Discounts on all our products (cannot be combined with other promotions)
  • $100low minimum payout structure (payouts disbursed monthly on the last day of the month)
  • You must be an active affiliate/ambassador to stay in the program

Affiliate/Ambassador requirements: 

  • You must post about our product 1x weekly (1x weekly is the minimum, feel free to post as many times as you like)
  • Any post/ad must be tasteful and not associated with any negative content.  E.g. -  drugs, discrimination of any kind, etc. 
  • In no way is it acceptable to misuse your affiliate discount
  • All Affiliates will receive a personal affiliate discount code for 10% off all purchases this code can only be used by you

*All affiliate applications are reviewed prior to approval.  Trendix reserves the right to deny or revoke affiliate access at any time for any reason.