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Period & Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence & Period Panties: Stay Dry and Confident with Trendix - Ultimate Protection from Periods and Pee

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Leak-Proof Panties Collection

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Comparative Tests

We conducted two assessments comparing Trendix Period Panties with leading brands

1. Absorption Test: for Leakage Prevention

2. Speed Test: for Quick-Dry Comfort and Dryness

Experience the Ultimate Period Incontinence Underwear for Woman

Where Comfort, Protection, and Environmental Responsibility come together. 

🌍 Make the eco-friendly switch. Our sustainable panties mean fewer disposables in landfills.

💪 With Trendix, you're covered during workouts, laughs, and life's surprises.

🌸 Soft, breathable, and designed for the modern woman. Trendix is where safety meets style.

Trendix for Who?

Stay Cool and Comfortable

  1. Wellness Periods: Natural, efficient menstrual health management.
  2. Menopause Incontinence: Menopause urinary leak effective solutions.
  3. First Period Preparation: Prep your daughter with ease, confidence.
  4. Pregnancy Incontinence: Tailored, reliable pregnancy bladder leak protection.
  5. Postpartum Care: New moms' essential support and comfort.

 With or Without Pads/Tampon

Before/Light Days:Wear Trendix panties alone


Heavy Days (2nd/3rd): 

Option 1)Pair Trendix panties with tampons or cups.

Option 2)Switch out Trendix panties as needed, and try the 'Hooked on You' line for their simple snap-off feature, making changes quick and effortless.


Everyday Comfort: Perfect for Daily Use

Trendix panties are versatile enough for everyday wear, offering comfort in anticipation of your 'maybe days' or to discreetly manage mild incontinence.


Safety Quality

We prioritize your health and comfort by using only the highest quality, skin-friendly materials.


Our PFAS-free, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified underwear is designed for durability, ensuring that each pair maintains its shape and effectiveness wash after wash.


Easy Care 

Our period incontinence underwear is designed for hassle-free maintenance. Machine washable and quick-drying, they're perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. 


Follow our simple care instructions to keep your underwear in pristine condition, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.

Tech Specifications

Why Trendix ?

Ultra-Thin Comfort and Softness

Experience the ultimate comfort with Trendix's ultra-thin and super soft period panties. Designed to feel like a second skin, our breathable period underwear ensures you stay comfortable, dry, and confident, no matter the occasion.

Hygienic and Lint-Free Post-Wash

Trendix period panties are engineered to remain hygienic and lint-free after every wash, maintaining their quality and cleanliness. Our washable period underwear is designed for durability and long-lasting hygiene, offering you a reliable and pristine choice every time.

Superior Leak Protection with Extended Coverage

With Trendix, enjoy extended coverage and superior leak protection, thanks to our advanced leak-proof technology. Our menstrual underwear provides worry-free security, allowing you to live your life to the fullest without concerns about leaks or accidents.

Flattering Fit with Hip-Lifting Design

Trendix period panties not only offer unbeatable protection but also come with a hip-lifting design and premium waistband for a flattering fit. Our stylish and comfortable period underwear enhances your silhouette, combining functionality with fashion for the modern woman.

Discover the Trendix difference and elevate your menstrual care routine with our top-rated, stylish, and comfortable period panties. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence with Trendix – where innovation meets style and hygiene.

Voices from Our Customers


How does Trendix Period Underwear work?

Ultimate Absorbency: Our microfiber four/five layers absorbency is like a sponge for your period flow! It can handle a full day's worth of period blood, keeping you feeling fresh and worry-free.

Extra-Wide Coverage: Our exclusive design features gussets coverage wider than double of what other brands offer. This means our underwear provides coverage wider than pads with wings, ensuring maximum protection against leaks.

Stay Dry and Fresh: Say goodbye to that icky, wet feeling! Our top wicking layer works tirelessly to whisk moisture away from your skin, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

Safe and Certified: Rest easy knowing that our period underwear is PFOA and PFAS-free, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and OEKO-TEX certified. We've ticked off all the boxes to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Versatile Wear: Wear us instead of tampons and pads for unbeatable comfort and convenience. Or, use us as a backup until you're totally comfortable – though let's be honest, once you try us, you won't settle for second place for long!

Is Trendix Underwear designed for multiple needs, such as periods and incontinence?

Yes, Trendix Underwear is versatile; suitable for both periods and incontinence.

Ready to learn how to handle your bathroom breaks like a pro with our Trendix Incontinence Pants? Let's do this!

Slip Into Your Trendix Pee Underwear: Put on your Trendix Incontinence Pants and get ready to tackle the day!

Feel Fabulous: Take a moment to admire how fantastic you look in them. Confidence? Check!

Carry On: Go about your day with ease and comfort.

Live Life, Leak-Free: Whether you're sneezing, laughing, or working out, our four-layer towel technology has got your back. It soaks up any leaks, leaving you worry-free and focused on what matters.

Nighttime Switch: When it's time to wind down, switch into a fresh pair for a peaceful night's sleep.

Laundry Day: Toss your daytime pair into the laundry basket. If you can't wait for laundry day, give them a quick hand-wash and hang dry them.

Repeat: Hit the hay, wake up refreshed, and repeat the cycle – because with Trendix Incontinence Pants, bathroom breaks are a breeze!

Are Trendix Panties Diapers?

Nope! Trendix Panties are not diapers. They're an innovative creation and the winner of the New York Times top pick as the best period underwear. Crafted to feel just like your favorite comfortable underwear, they feature a highly absorbent area to manage bladder leaks.

How long does one pair of Trendix Period Underwear last for?

One pair can last a day for light-to-medium pee leaks.  For larger leaks, it's recommended to change to another pair.

  • Overnight high-waisted pairs are available for heavy flow days.
  • Hooked on You Easy-change adaptable styles enable convenient changes while on the go or in public restrooms.  These options ensure a fresh feeling throughout the day.
  • Luna provides discreet coverage on the gusset and is specifically designed for light days and everyday use.

How to wash Trendix Period Underwear?

To wash Trendix Period Underwear:

Rinse: Rinse the underwear in cold water

Wash: Machine wash in cold water with a gentle detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach.  If you can't wait for laundry day, give them a quick hand-wash and dry them.

Dry: Air-dry.

Reuse: Once dry, your Trendix Period Underwear is ready to wear again, just like regular underwear.  

Who should use Trendix Period Underwear?

Trendix Period Underwear is suitable for:

  • Individuals experiencing menstruation, seeking comfortable and reliable menstrual care solutions.
  • Individuals with light to moderate menstrual flow, looking for effective period protection.
  • Girls approaching puberty or experiencing their first period, seeking a comfortable and stigma-free introduction to menstrual care.
  • Teens and tweens navigating adolescence, in need of discreet period management options.
  • Those experiencing incontinence issues, requiring discreet and reliable solutions for managing bladder leaks.
  • Anyone interested in eco-friendly and sustainable menstrual care options, aiming to reduce environmental footprint and waste.
  • People seeking added comfort and confidence during their period, with Trendix offering reliable protection.

Is it ok to wear Period Underwear all the time?

Certainly! Wearing Trendix period underwear daily is absolutely fine. With their hygienic treatment, they're just like regular underwear, making them comfortable and safe for everyday use. Remember to change them regularly, especially with a heavy flow or leaks, and give your skin a break overnight to allow it to breathe. Listening to your body's needs and practicing proper hygiene is essential for maintaining your comfort and health.

Are Incontinence Pads better than Trendix Incontinence Pants?

Both incontinence pads and pants have their advantages, depending on individual preferences and needs. Incontinence pads offer flexibility and can be easily changed, while pants provide more coverage and security. Ultimately, the choice between pads and pants depends on factors such as level of incontinence, mobility, and personal comfort.


Trendix incontinence pants not only offer exceptional absorbency and leak protection but also prioritize health benefits by incorporating premium OEKO-TEX fabric. These materials undergo rigorous safety measures, ensuring antibacterial properties and freedom from harmful chemicals like PFOA and PFAS. This dedication to health and safety enhances the overall experience, making Trendix pants a secure and comfortable choice for confidently managing bladder leaks.

Do Period Underwear for girls work?

Yes, period underwear for girls works effectively in managing menstrual flow. Designed with absorbent layers and leak-proof barriers, period underwear provides reliable protection and comfort during menstruation. With the right fit and proper care, girls can confidently use period underwear as a convenient alternative to traditional menstrual products.


Trendix period underwear offers small petite sizes specifically tailored for preparing daughters for their first period. Wearing these specially designed garments to school every day ensures they are well-prepared and ready for any situation. With Trendix, moms can rest assured that their daughters have the support and comfort they need during this important transition.

Are Trendix Underwears expensive?

No! While there may be more affordable brands available, it's essential to consider that Trendix Underwear offers added hygienic protection with premium materials like natural bamboo, featuring antibacterial properties and the absence of harmful chemicals like PFAS and PFOS.  When considering the health benefits and long-term cost benefits, the investment in Trendix Underwear is worthwhile.


Unlike disposable pads and tampons, which require constant repurchasing, period panties can be washed and reused for several years, reducing the need for frequent purchases and cutting down on long-term expenses.

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Our Promise to You

 No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals.  

Environmentally Sustainable

Ethical Production with the Best Practices & Standards




"I have tried pretty much every period product out there from all types/makes/formulation of tampons, pads, cups, and finally got around to trying Trendix period panties. I am in love with these. Feel soft on my skin, no pinching or riding up, don’t make me feel sweaty or hot even in the Summer heat and best of all THEY WORK! That’s right. No leaks, no odor, wash great, so cost effective. I haven’t had to buy any disposable products since I purchased these gems. Also, could be coincidence, but I have had a significant reduction in flow and cramps. But fear not; even on the first few days of switching to Trendix, it handled my super flow with no problem. I think they have figured out a way to open an inter-dimensional portal in the crotch of these because I honestly don’t know where it all went. I thought I wasn’t going to like them because I HATE the feel of a pad. Any pad. Even the fancy foam kind. These underwear are nothing like that. I never feel soggy; no noise, no heat retention, and no worry about something shifting out of place. I could go on but will stop here. Just get these now and have the best period of your life ! "

Dawn Branch

"Great product!  I've been using this fashion Wonder tape for a few months now, and I am a huge fan! However, I do think the placing of the tape is key to make sure you don't experience any wardrobe malfunctions. For me personally, they have been really good with V-necks/low necklines, but I had some trouble keeping off-the-shoulder tops in place. Sometimes it helps to cut the tape in smaller pieces and place it around the area when it comes to rounded areas (like the shoulders) so that when you're moving around, you have some space for the clothing to move around without tugging at the adhesive too much (which causes the tape to lose its stickiness faster). I like how it comes with 2 refills: I don't really need to use them that often, but when I do with certain outfits, I usually need a lot for everyone as they ask for it. They have been life savers for me & my friends on many special occasions like the beer festival we partied with really low cut dresses. Highly recommend this"

Courtney Bunch

"This tape is amazing!! I have a large bust and opt to wear a bra with everything. Needless to say; not wearing a bra was freeing. I struggled to find tape strong enough to hold them up right without it hurting like crazy at removal. Well ladies, this tape held them up really nicely whole day. It almost looks like a tube top on me. I wore the tape in 100 degree Texas heat during an outside wedding and it didn’t budge. No sweating & No itching. I advise a practice run before going out because the process is a little frustrating at first. The removal process requires patience but, removes easily without leaving any residue. I used coconut oil: Stood in the bath tub and completely saturated the tape with the coconut oil and let it sit for about five minutes. When pulling the tape off, firmly hold your skin and gently pull the tape away from the skin. It’s a process but it’s so worth it. My favorite thing in this kit was the silicone nipple covers that can be reused. The cheap paper nippies from other brands are tiny & disposable like the bandages. Trendix Boob tape is the Five stars for sure!!"

Florence Brennan