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Our Story


We craft Period Underwear suitable for females across all age groups and body types, designed to be resistant to urine, menstrual flow, and sweat. Trendix's cutting-edge FemTech delivers an easy, snug, and dependable way to handle menstrual flow and incontinence. After extensive trials of numerous prototypes, Trendix has developed an intelligent, user-friendly design featuring advanced technology for optimal absorbency, leak and stain protection, ensuring tranquility and utter discretion, making menstrual days feel just like any other.

This stylish, eco-friendly, advanced, and exceptionally comfortable underwear completely eliminates the need for disposable hygiene products, significantly reducing the volume of single-use items that contribute to landfill accumulation and environmental harm. With every sale of our Period Underwear, we gift a pair to young girls in Ethiopia.

Why we started Trendix

During our charitable endeavors in Africa, we encountered numerous girls missing school because they couldn't afford basic sanitary products, resorting to using anything available, such as old cloths, tree bark, pieces of mattresses, feathers, and even animal dung. This revelation was startling.

Period Underwear for Teen Girls

One young girl we met, Kalkidan, who shared the same age as my daughter, left a lasting impression on me with her aspirations to become a teacher, highlighting the urgency of addressing this easily solvable issue. Ethiopia's lack of coastal access complicates the logistics of delivering aid, making it prohibitively expensive, thus highlighting the need for a sustainable solution to this growing problem.

Upon returning, we dedicated ourselves to finding a lasting solution, leading to shocking discoveries:

  • Global Period Poverty: Over 40% of women worldwide, including those in developed countries like the UK and USA, face period poverty, highlighting the significant economic burden of purchasing disposable sanitary products.
  • Health Risks from Disposable Products: Disposable sanitary products contain harmful synthetic materials such as rayon dioxin, metal dyes, and processed wood pulp, which are linked to allergies, infections, inflammation, and potentially carcinogenic effects, including Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
  • Environmental Damage: The environmental impact of disposable sanitary products is profound, with up to 90% plastic content making them non-biodegradable, leading to ocean pollution and posing threats to wildlife and ecosystems.

Driven by these findings, our mission has been to create a healthy, sustainable, cost-effective, and enduring solution for females worldwide. After years of research and development, we aim to keep young women in school without the stigma or embarrassment associated with menstruation. My 12-year-old daughter now confidently wears Trendix Period Briefs to school, prepared for her period without fear or surprise. We envision a world where every girl and woman can experience this freedom