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Our Story


We produce Period Underwear for women of all ages & sizes.  It is pee, period and perspiration proof!  Trendix’s revolutionary FemTech allows convenient, comfortable and reliable management of menstrual flow and incontinence.  Through rigorous testing of hundreds of prototypes, Trendix created a smart, intuitive design with built-in technology that offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion, so period days can be like any other day. 

This is fashionable, sustainable, hi-tech, super comfortable underwear that totally replaces the need for disposable hygiene.  This reduces the amount of single-use products ending up in landfill and damaging our environment.

For every Period Underwear sold, we donate one to the girls in Ethiopia. 

Period Underwear for women

Why we started Trendix

Throughout our philanthropy projects in Africa, we discovered many girls are forced to miss out on school due to the embarrassment of not being able to afford essential sanitary products. They simply could not afford sanitary products and had to improvise using basically anything they can find; including old rags, tree bark, pieces of an old mattress, pulled feathers from living/slaughtered chicken and animal dung.  This was an eye opening and shocking discovery. 


Kalkidan was one of the young girls we met during this trip. She was the same age as my daughter who really touched my heart. She had so much ambition. She wants to be a teacher and, we hate to think of a world where she is unable to fulfill her dream just because of a simple problem that can be solved so easily.

Ethiopia is a landlocked country without access to its coastline. Without direct access to ports, logistics of donating goods made it extremely costly and difficult so, the charity volunteers were using funds to buy the disposable sanitary pads at high retail prices locally. As this desperate monthly need for girls in period is endless and only growing vastly, we realized this called for an immediate and lasting solution. We knew we had to help.

Since we returned home after this shocking discovery, we have spent every day researching and developing a permanent solution. Then, we were even more shocked with the following 3 discoveries:

  1. Period Poverty – This is the global problem faced by more than 40% of women worldwide including UK & USA. The Economic implication of buying Disposable Sanitary products every month on the budget of most women is damning.
  2. Disposable Sanitary Products contain synthetic products such as rayon dioxin, allergy-provoking metal dyes, and highly processed wood pulp which are responsible for allergies, infection, and inflammation. Some of these chemicals have proven to be carcinogenic leading to death from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
  3. Environmental Issues - Disposable Sanitary Products contain up to 90% plastic; disastrous to pollution and filling up landfills since they are non-biodegradable. Some sanitary products are also flushed down the toilet which could mean that disposable pads and tampons can end up in our seas and washed up on our beaches where our loving children are swimming. This has detrimental effects for humans, wildlife and our habitats such as our land and oceans.

Consequently, we have made it our mission to develop a healthy, sustainable, economical and permanent solution for girls and women all over the world. We spent years of R&D with the goal to keep young ladies in school and absolve them from any embarrassment. Now, my 12 yrs old daughter is wearing Trendix Period Briefs everyday to school. I live in comfort knowing that she will be prepared anytime when her period suddenly comes. No stigma & No surprises! We would like every girl and woman to enjoy the same freedom...

Period Underwear for Teen Girls

Our ultimate goal is to build factories in Ethiopia. 4 layers of Trendix® Technology fabrics will be cut out in shapes and shipped to the Ethiopia factories. Single mothers will be hired to sew, produce the finished products and sell them. This will create jobs for single mothers to become self-reliant and support their family.  Our mission to sell one and donate one will carry on in Africa too.