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The Best Ecofriendly Way to Manage Your Monthly Period

March 14, 2021

The Best Ecofriendly Way to Manage Your Monthly Period

Monthly period is an uncomfortable moment for most women. It is even worse when you consider the ineffective methods used to manage periods. Today, most of the products hitting the shelves and claiming to be eco-friendly are laced with chemicals and allergens endangering the life of the user. Below are some of the options we have today to manage periods.

Silicone cups

luna cup period

Like a tampon, a menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina. Instead of absorbing blood, the cup traps and holds it before it flows out of the vagina. You can't see or know when the cup is full, so you need to use your best judgment to empty it several times a day. Besides the anxiety of this guessing game and difficulties during insertion and removal, you have to be ready for the “ick or yuck Factor”. 

period silicone cup   

The bloody mess on your hand and fingers during insertion and removal of the silicone cups is not something most women want to go through.  In addition, you have to get the right size to avoid fitting problems. You might get an irritation if you wear the wrong size which can lead to leaks (embarrassments) and infections. No woman wants to go through all these problems.

Reusable Pads

reusable pads

Reusable pads are an ecofriendly alternative to disposable sanitary pads.  They snap or clip onto the underwear which lead them to move around depending on your sitting position or when you move. This means it might soak only one part of the pads if you stayed in a specific position for a long time which often causes leakages. 

period pads washable

Furthermore, most of them found in the market are bulky. They take more than a day to dry for reuse which requires you to buy extras.  As most of them do not have anti-bacteria features, it often leaves stains after wash and causes odors and bacteria growth.


Period Underwear

thinx shethinx

Just like the other ways of managing periods, the period underwear has its pros and cons.  

First, it is good for women with irregular periods. One doesn’t have to keep up with the count or stress of wondering when the period is going to come because you can wear Period Panties like any other normal daily underwear.  Preparing for Pads is no longer necessary.  When the period comes, there is no mess to put the pads on the already spotted panties. Period underwear is also good for incontinence and pregnant women before and after delivery for Lochia.

Second, the padded crotch on the Period Underwear remains intact all the time making it safe with no leakage. 

The drawback with Period Underwear is that during extremely heavy flow days, it is difficult to change when you aren’t at home.  In the office bathroom, you need to remove the shoes, pants, hosiery, worn panties, and then put the new panties and the rest.  Furthermore, how will you keep the worn smelly panties in your bag until you return home at night?

My personal best when it comes to Period Underwear is a brand called Trendix [They offer Free shipping Worldwide].  After trying a few other brands in the market, this solved all my worries and problems regarding periods. Here are some of the benefits of the Trendix Period Underwear.

1. Leakproof: Trendix Underwear had very wide crotch for its added protection. It was like the Sanitary Pads with Wings while all other brands with very slim crotch width were the ones without the Wings.  With Period Underwear, wider coverage goes a long way to provide the assurance of no leaks and added comfort.  Among the 4 brands I tried, none of them disclosed their coverage space on the crotch as their slim width were insufficiently designed.   Trendix Overnight’s crotch coverage were 80% wider than others.
best period underwear         
2. Easy Change: If you need to change your Period Underwear when you are not at home, you need to remove the shoes, skirts, hosiery, worn panties, and then put the new panties and the rest.  As featured in The New York Times as the Best Pick, Trendix’s Hooked On You design saves all those hassle.  Hooks on each side allowed quick change without having to remove everything and put it back on.  
New York Times winner best period underwear
3. Discreet Pouch: My favorite part about this Brand was their Anti-Odor pouch offered at no extra cost. You use the pouch to store your worn underwear without smelling & staining your bag all day.  When you come home at night, you simply toss both the Pouch and Period Panties in the machine for easy wash.  Honestly, there are cheaper Period Underwear options compared to Trendix Period Underwear, but the quality justifies the cost.  If it was not Trendix’s Period Pouch, I would have to use a clear plastic zip bag.  I also take pride in saving the environment by not using disposable plastic zip bags each time.
4. Anti-bacteria: One problem I faced with some other Period Underwear brands like Thinx was the bacterial growth that also led to bad odor.

The leaks don’t stop at embarrassing you but they go further to cause bacteria growth which is bad news for your vaginal health as it can lead to infections and odor.

leakproof panties

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