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Winner of the Best Period Panties by The New York Times

March 15, 2021

top 5 brands of period underwear for women

Cramps and cravings are frustrating but the fact that periods are unpredictable is even much worse.  No matter for how long you have had periods, chances are, you might experience a mishap or leak every time you have your periods. This causes a mess even when you are wearing a tampon or pad. The solution to these and many other problems is Period Panties. 

If you are used to wearing a pad, tampon or menstrual cup, it might sound unusual and uncomfortable to consider going without them and trying period panties.  If you are worried about hygiene, bacteria, or the discomfort that comes with wearing a pad, worry no more. There are period panties designed with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and moisture wicking properties to prevent odors.

From those with the heavy flows to the irregular ones and incontinence, there are period panties for every woman out there.  The most important thing is to find the right period panties for you. 

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5 Best Period Panties of 2024

1. Trendix

Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor, Trendix Period Panties are thin like regular underwear.  It has more than 60% wider crotch coverage for added protection from leaks and gives you a dry feeling all through and has no squeaking sound when walking.  If you need to change when you are far from home, you get to save yourself from the embarrassment of your smelly worn panties in your purse as the Anti-Odor Period Pouch is offered at no extra cost for each brief purchase.   Both Panties and Pouch can be machine washed together for reuse. 

Trendix has an absorbency equivalent to 6 regular tampons. 

 period underwear

2. Thinx

Thinx Period Panties  offers variety collections of beautiful designs and colors.  Their hiphuggers are anti-odor and amazingly thin like regular underwear.   However, it is not anti-bacterial.  If you are very sensitive on hygiene, this may not give you the absolute clean wash on their 4 layers of underwear.  Thinx has an absorbency equivalent to 5 tampons.  

Unfortunately, we found studies proving that toxins were found in Thinx.


3. Modi Bodi

If a hiphugger or a light bikini style is not appealing to you, you can consider Modi Bodi short for the period panties.  It is anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and thin like regular underwear which is great.   It dries quickly after wash but its coverage compared to the normal pantie is wanting.  Its crotch coverage width is as slim as the regular underwear.  If you have needed sanitary pads with wings for wider protection coverage, this means with Modi Bodi, leakage is a huge concern for you because this may not give you the maximum coverage you require.     It has an absorbency of 4 tampons.


4. Bambody

If you do not want to skip gym day even on your period, Bambody Panties are amazing to wear under active wear providing extra protection.  Its thick material makes it comparatively less breathable and requires longer time to dry after wash.  Another obvious downside is that they might feel a little bulky especially for women who are not used to period panties. These are not anti-bacterial or, anti-odor so the lifespan is shorter compared to other Period panties in the market.  They have an absorbency of 2 tampons.


5. Eva Wear

Eva Wear is outright good looking and flexible; ideal for period panties newbies. It is thin like the normal underwear and dries quickly after wash. If you want to get rid of the ick factor when you think of period panties, this is a good alternative.  However, it has no anti-bacterial or anti-odor properties. Its crotch width coverage is as slim as the normal underwear width leading to potential leakage problems. These have an absorbency of 4 tampons.



Among all the brands above, Trendix Period Panties came out on top.  Besides their Free Shipping Worldwide, their application of the latest technology from Japan provided Double leakproof protection and superb absorbency from Microfiber.  Their top tier moisture-wicking layer allowed steady dry comfort during wear.  Its Overnight High waistdesign with premium Bamboo material made it extra breathable for superior comfort.  Best of all, only Trendix Period Panties had the exclusive Hooked On You design to allow quick change during the day away from home without having to take off all the bottoms to change.  This was featured in The New York Times as their Best Pick.  

Trendix Period Panties are comfortable enough to be worn as your daily underwear as they are also perfect for incontinence, before and after delivery.  Trendix Period Panties became mothers’ top choice for preparing their daughters who are expected to have their first period any time soon and saving them from stigma.  Girls favored Trendix Eco Pouchbecause its discreet anti-odor pouch saved their embarrassment in school rather than using clear plastic zip bags.  

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- Belinda Black

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