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Hooked On You


Period & Incontinence Underwear for Women

  • Effortless Side Openings: Secure hook-and-eye clasps for easy changes, ideal for active days.
  • Full Coverage Absorbency: Extended protection from front to back, maintaining comfort and a sleek look.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Superior quality recognized by the New York Times
  • Health-Safe Standards: Oeko-Tex Certified, free from PFOA and PFAS, featuring anti-bacterial and anti-odor technology.
  • Everyday Versatility: Leakproof assurance for periods, postpartum, and incontinence, perfect for daily wear.

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      How Does Period & Incontinence Panties Work?

      Quick Absorption Comfort

      Features rapid moisture-wicking layers to keep you dry and comfortable, preventing moisture buildup efficiently

      Hygienic Antibacterial

      Incorporates antibacterial materials to maintain freshness, prevent bacterial growth, and 

      reduce the risk of irritation​​.

      Breathable to Skin

      Employs advanced odor-neutralizing technologies to keep you feeling fresh and confident, 

      mitigating odor concerns

      Leakproof Technology

      Incorporates cutting-edge technology for 

      complete leak prevention, 

      crucial for uninterrupted daily activities​

      Unrivaled Protection

      • Maximum Absorption Capacity: Trendix offers an impressive 31 ml absorbency, significantly higher than other brands, meaning you stay protected without the need for additional products.
      • Complete Reliability: With Trendix, there's no need for extra protection. Just one pair will keep you covered, unlike other options that require backup briefs.
      • Rapid Absorption Rate: Trendix panties are designed for quick absorption, keeping you dry and comfortable immediately after a flow begins.
      • Advanced Anti-Odor Technology: Stay fresh throughout the night with Trendix's superior anti-odor capabilities, ensuring a good night's sleep without interruptions.
      • Optimal Coverage and Comfort: Trendix offers a crotch width designed for comfort and a coverage length that outperforms the rest, providing security and confidence from waistband to waistband.

      Commitment to 

      Quality & Sustainability

      • Long-Lasting Durability: Proven performance with over 4 years of use and up to 200 machine washes, ensuring a long-lasting investment in your personal care.
      • Certified Top Quality Materials: Trendix products boast certifications like OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, ensuring safe and high-quality fabric for your skin and health.
      • Ethical Production Standards: Our production is ethical and certified by globally recognized standards including ISO 9001 and BSCI, reflecting our commitment to responsible manufacturing.
      • Eco-Certified Assurance: With ECO CERT, Trendix takes a stand for the environment, using materials and processes that are eco-friendly and sustainable.
      • Easy and Efficient Care: Trendix panties are not only easy to care for with simple cold water rinsing and hang drying but also mingle well with your regular laundry, saving you time and energy.

      Premium 4-Layer Technology

      • Quadruple Layered Security: Enjoy the peace of mind with four innovative layers designed for ultimate leakproof protection.
      • Exceptional Absorption: Each pair can absorb the equivalent of six tampons, offering prolonged wear without the need for frequent changes.
      • Advanced Anti-Odor System: Benefit from the anti-odor layer that keeps you feeling fresh and confident all day long.
      • Quick Dry Comfort: The wicking layer ensures quick drying, providing you with continuous comfort and preventing moisture buildup.
      • Streamlined Design: Despite the high absorbency, the panties maintain a sleek profile, offering protection without the bulkiness.

      Superior Comfort & 

      Leak Protection

      • Optimal Thinness: Trendix panties feature a slim profile with a dry feel and rapid absorption, avoiding the bulkiness of traditional options.
      • Enhanced Durability: Post-wash, Trendix remains impeccably clean with no lint or residual stains, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.
      • Extended Coverage: Offering leak-free confidence with its wider and longer coverage design, Trendix outperforms other brands in protection.
      • Supportive Waistband: With a premium, elegant waistband, Trendix provides a supportive lift and stays in place without rolling down.
      • Stain-Resistant Technology: Engineered to prevent stains and lint, these panties stay pristine, wash after wash, setting a new standard for menstrual wear.

      You Buy One, 

      Trendix Donates One

      At Trendix, our mission is rooted in creating sustainable solutions and fostering equity in menstrual health care. Recognizing the logistical challenges of providing sanitary products in landlocked areas, we are committed to a 'Buy One, Donate One' initiative.


      For every purchase, we donate one of our premium, reusable menstrual products to those in need in Ethiopia. Together, we're not only providing immediate relief but also a lasting solution to foster dignity, health, and empowerment

      Styles Specification

      Hooked On You



      25 ml

      Leak Coverage

      Full Front & Full Rear

      Hip Sizes Range

      70cm ~ 106cm

      28" ~ 42"

      Main Fabric




      Machine Washerable


      Color Options








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